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What DOC Want

DOC's number one problem is tourists:
  1. How to spread them around their estate- for example, more flights.
  2. Get them in and out quickly - for example, more flights.
  3. Mitigiate the impact of more flights by defining tranquility levels.
  4. Manage vehicle parking spaces.

Conflicts occur when the noise footprint of the parks expand to cater for the "quick fix" tourists. New Zealanders' (and some tourists') want to enjoy the peace of quiet that the outdoors provide. To be in big spaces, and forget that there is a world out there. This spell is rudely broken by the sound, or view of any manmade machine.

See the submissions below to get an indication of what DOC want.

Draft Plan Summaries

Key points in the draft plans.

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park

- Increased aircraft movements by commercial operators.
- Allow 35 landings per day in the Murchison Valley; 
- Park & Ride
- Carry out human waste
- Segregation tents and campervans

Westland National Park

- Coming


Click here for an example of a submission of the partial review of the Westland National Park (2013).

Pat Holland

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Submission Template - Mount Cook National Park

Submission Template - Westland National Park

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