Make Your Voice Count

DOC are reviewing two park management plans; Westland and Mt Cook.

Work on this plan has now been paused while DOC consider the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision on Ngāi Tai.

Submissions Close: @ 16:00 Monday, February 4, 2019.

Final submissions Mike Drake:

Mount Cook NP

Westland NP

Quick Submission

Details are here

The future of our heritage is in our hands. Submissions take time, but if you are concerned about helicopter noise, further commercialisation of our national parks then this is the forum to have your say.

I have made submissions before and changes have been made as a result of my, and many others input.

So, rather than vent your opinions privately - make a submission. This is where your views will be noted and perhaps make a difference for you, your fellow outdoors' people and future generations.

Mike Drake


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