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17 December
St Arnaud Range Traverse Fit (Scale: 3.5)  $20

Kate Krawczyk Email:


Climb up onto the St Arnaud range ridgeline via the Parachute Rock track and head north-east over a highpoint at 1683m. It's an easy open ridge for a few kms before entering stunted beech to find the descent route back down through to Alpine Meadows estate. Excellent views of the Nelson Lakes area. Some car shuffling required.

BR24, BR25, BS25
28 December - 5 January
Garden of Eden Fit 

Mike Drake Email:

Phone: 522 4458


This trip is now closed.


This trip will follow the standard route into the Gardens; Clyde River - Frances River - Colin Campbell Glacier - Wee McGregor Glacier - Perth Col. The current plan would be to camp under Baker Peak.


  1. Mike Drake
  2. Madeleine Rohrer
  3. Sue Henley
  4. Kate Krawczyk
  5. Liz Henderson
  6. Pat Holland


Everyone will need a harness, carabiners, prusik slings and helmet. Camp under Baker Peak will be on snow. Ice axe and crampons.

30PF+ sunscreen and lip screen. Some people use Buffs or silk scarves for sun protection. Wide brimmed hat good idea.

[We will meet before the trip to talk through and demonstrate crevasse travel and use of gear.]


Use of ice axe and crampons essential.


Day 1 (28/12): Travel to Lake Camp just out from Erewhon Station.

Day 2: Travel up the Clyde River to Watchdog Hut.

Day 3: Continue up the Clyde and into the Frances River. Camp by the lakes at the foot of Colin Campbell Glacier.

Day 4 (31/12): Negotiate "a bit" of terminal morraine debris then onto the Colin Campbell Glacier, taking the true right branch onto the Wee McGregor Glacier to Perth Col. Travel a further several hundred metres and establish camp below Baker Peak. What better place to bring in the New Year.

Day 5 (1/1/18): Baker PeakEnjoy the snowscape; walk up Baker Peak, checkout Adams Col, maybe have a look at Garden of Allah.

Day 6: Spare day. Decide to head on down or spend another day on the Garden of Eden.

Day 7: Retrace our steps to camp by the lakes.

Day 8: Watchdog Hut.

Day 9: Erewhon Station, then Nelson.


Clyde River

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6 - 7 January
Nydia Walkway Medium 

Leah Parker Email:

Phone: 547 5683

Following the Nydia Walkway to Nydia Lodge. $15 pp

Kaiuma to Duncan Bay - Track 27km in total.

Water Taxi return to Kaiuma $30

Bookings have been made for this trip. It may still be possible to join. Please contact Leah to discuss.

Fuel TBC

20 - 21 January
Mt Arthur Tableland Grade TBD 

Mark Graesser Email:

Phone: 545 6282

Explore the natural and historic features of this area from a base at Balloon Hut.

21 January
Torrent Bay Walk/sail Medium 

Brian Renwick Email:

Phone: 021 0824 9260

Walk from Marahau to Anchorage Hut. 1230 pick up by Brian in his 9m catamaran from the beach, sail, swim/snorkel, visit Adele Island. Drop off at Coquille Bay. Life jackets, snorkels/masks, tea/coffee supplied. $15pp boat charge. Limit 8. Weather dependent.

27 - 29 January
1000 Acre Plateau Fit (Scale: 3.3)  $NR

Kath Ballantine Email:

Phone: 027 931 5689

The plan is to leave Nelson by 1p.m.on Friday, drive to the road end car park and walk into Lake Matiri Hut (3hrs) for overnight stay. The following day is a steep climb to Poor Pete's Hut (3hrs), then a further 3hrs across 1000 Acre Plateau to Larrikins Creek Hut to stay 2 nights. Sunday we can either climb the Needle or the Haystack, or explore 100 Acre Plateau. On Monday we walk out to cars and return to Nelson.  

Matiri Hut has 8 bunks, but Larrikins Creek only 4 so advisable that some trampers carry tents. Both huts require 1 standard hut ticket per night.
3km from car park we cross the West branch of the Matiri River - easily passable in normal river conditions, but will be a consideration if it rains.


Topo50 Map BR23
10 - 12 February
Aorere Peak Grade TBD 

Patrick Holland Email:

Phone: 539 1340

Excellent non-technical trip to the beautiful tops in the Cobb Valley area of Kahurangi National Park.

Day 1: Drive to road end at Trilobite Hut. Tramp up valley to Fenella Hut. Carry on past tarns onto ridge leading to Xenicus. Go NE over Mt Gibbs (1542m) and continue N along ridge. Find a good camping spot by a small tarn.

Day 2. With day packs continue ca 2 km N along ridge for the final scramble to Aorere Peak (1730m). Return, decamp and go back down to Fenella Hut.

Day 3. Back down valley to vehicles with a side trip to Cobb Lake.

Variations are possible e.g. Stop at Fenella Hut on day 1 and camp up-ridge on way back from Aorere on day 2;  Go in via Cobb Lake and camp there (day 1 and day 2).


M26 / 
12 February
Club Night  

Kate Krawczyk Email:


Monday. 7.30pm, Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi Street.  Gold coin.

Show 'n' Tell
Guest Speaker: YOU!

You are invited to share your summer tramp stories with us.
Max. time = 10 mins per person.
Register your interest with Kate or Pat prior to the evening at the above email address.

11 March
Hoary Head Hard (Scale: 4.2)  $NR

Barry James Email:

Phone: 546 6153


Drive to near the top of Mt Campbell (1330m), walk over the summit then pick up the ridge to Hoary Head. The ridge is open at first then enters the bush and goes over a couple of high points before climbing to the broad summit of Hoary Head (1473m). Return the same way. Approx 18km with up to 1300m of climbing on little or no track. Good 4WDs required to access Mt Campbell.

Topo50 Map BP24
9 April
Club Night  

Kate Krawczyk Email:


Monday. 7.30pm, Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi Street.  Gold coin.

Guest Speaker: Nina Solter

6 August
Club Night and AGM  

Kate Krawczyk Email:


Monday. 7.30pm, Nelson Intermediate School, Tipahi Street.  Gold coin.

Club Photo Competition

Our club's annual, informal get-together around the table . . . a chance to show off your skills with a camera - and show us where you've been tramping all year.

Guest Judge TBA

Check out the Rules and Categories in the September 2016 newsletter